Dead Zone

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Take cover and destroy all the monsters


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Dead Zone is third-person shooter where you get to accompany an armed soldier through different dangerous settings that are swarming with enemies. Your mission in each challenge is to move forward decisively as you shoot all the monsters and take full advantage of the features of each weapon you unlock.

One of the most eye-catching aspects of Dead Zone is its 3D graphics. The game offers a great atmosphere and this only enhances the excitement as you advance in each round. In fact, as the monsters get close to the camera, they look more and more terrifying.

The controls in Dead Zone are relatively intuitive and reminiscent of other shooting games like Call of Duty. You have a joystick that lets you move your soldier in any direction. On the right side of the screen, you have the action buttons for aiming, reloading your weapon, and shooting at the monsters. Plus, you have the possibility to throw grenades or use your fists to hit any enemy that's close enough.

Dead Zone is a TPS that offers dozens of levels where you'll use huge caliber weapons to take down all your rivals. Shooting nonstop in these realistic settings, you'll have to defeat monsters while you unlock new resources to use in dynamic rounds.